Is this you?

Before I head to Dublin airport to fly back to Newcastle I want to ask you a question...

What are your commitments?

Life is about commitments, right?

Relationships, friendships, careers, hobbies, practice, sports...

Whatever you're into, you commit to them.

You commit time, you commit effort, thought, money.

What is it you commit to the business element of what you do?

How much time do you commit to growing your business and doing things that get you more opportunities to perform?

How much effort do you put into that?

How often do you think about it? (Daily I hope, when you receive these emails from me)

How much money do you invest in learning about business and marketing specifically for your entertainment business?

I'm a member of a few high-end programs that help me be a better marketer and business person.

Every month I pay hundreds of pounds from what I earn, to learn more and grow.

Because I'm committed.

The reason I do quite well out of performing is because I am committed to learning HOW to do well.

Thing is, the reason most performers aren't doing so well is that they're not committed.

They're not committed to perfecting their art, they're not committed to growing their businesses.

Yet every day you hear someone complaining that they wish they had more work, better material, more skill or whatever

Truth is, as you know, they just aren't committed enough.

Commit yourself to being better.

- Ken 'Committed' Dyne

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