In recovery from shower attack 20mins ago


Ouch, my head. And Billy came running into the shower.

As I'm sitting here I'm recovering from the large shower head in my bathroom somehow coming away from it's bracket and falling on my head.

Man it hurt.

No blood, just a solid 'bonk' on the head.

Examining the thing I've no idea how it could have come away.

So strange.

Sometimes things come out of the blue and you get a 'bonk' on the head.

Are you ready for them?

I'm talking about savings, I'm talking about having a little stash that is for when something unexpected 'bonks' you on the head.

So few entertainers live anything more than hand to mouth and we have to change that.

Get good with your money, get focused on saving, get serious about cash flow. 

- Ken 'Surprise' Dyne

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