I'm not ready

Are you READY?

Are you EVER ready?

This week I have my 'sales target' of how much money I want to make by the end of Friday and over the past 2 days I've not just been looking at that number hoping it'll fall on my lap.

I've had to get uncomfortable and face the fact that I have a system that UI've outlined that will make sure I achieve that but it involves DOING stuff, before I feel like I'm ready.

Being 'ready' is a decision.  It's a perspective.

It's not a fact.

So far this week I've made 50% of my goal. And that's in 2 days.

Just by following the plan I made.

What would it mean to you to have a plan like that?

Where you have a goal, a target (an amount) - and you know what to do to make it inevitable that you'll achieve it?

Sounds like hyperbole, right?

I promise you it is not, and it's not even hard.

(Wish I could say it's just because I'm fabulous, but mate - I'm not).

I am sharing the whole system on Monday - and I'm not charging a penny for you to join in and learn it. Join us from the comfort of your own internet connection:


See you there,

- Ken 'On Target' Dyne

P.S. I won't be sharing with you how to achieve MY goals. I'll be showing you how to achieve YOURS. Because what I want doesn't matter, your needs are different to mine. 


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