How to entertainers feel about social media marketing?

It's dead.

It's too hard.

No one ever books me through social media.

What's the point?

I see people posting that shit in Facebook groups and forums every week.

Thing is, these people aren't consistent, are they?

They don't post regularly, and the stuff they post doesn't engage people in a way that will make them want to hire you.

The key to social media, whichever channels you're working on, is to show up and show up regularly.

But here's a biggie: you're better off posting content less regularly if you can make the quality of it better.

The social media world is filled with mediocre, beige content and shit that bots produce.

That means you can't just be posting 'something' or 'anything' - you have to post really good stuff so people pay attention.

Don't waste your time putting out 5 blog posts per week that are 'okay', instead, spend 10 days making one article frigging great!

In this month's EPIC members' newsletter I give members 19 types of Instagram posts, for example. This is my personal cheat sheet that I created for myself to help me get back onto Instagram without running out of ideas too quickly. 

19 angles for posts should do the trick, shouldn't it?

Find those new angles and show up with high quality content that really pops.

- Ken 'Quality' Dyne

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