How to choose your next 10 years

If this doesn't put a rocket up your ass, I dunno what will...

As you know, today is the last day not of just this year, but of this DECADE.

And what have you done?

Happy with your progress?

You should be grateful for it, that's for sure.

But where do you want to be in 2030 when we're having this conversation again?

You want to be satisfied and grateful?

Or do you want to stand there, hands on hips looking back down the mountain you climbed thinking, "the view from here is fucking epic!'

You get to choose.

There's something I heard a long while back that we all over estimate what we can get done in a day, but we underestimate what we can do in a year.

What is your big scary goal for 2020?

What types of gigs do you want?

How much will your rate be?

How often will you perform?

What will this allow you to do?

Let's bloody do this!

- Ken 'Looking Forward' Dyne

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