How I got 8078 views in 4 days


Last week I made a video on LinkedIn that so far has 2279 views as of this morning.

That's a lot of organic reach on a social channel, right?

In the video I talked about an awful technique I call Spam Tagging.

Some people are trying to fudge the algorithm by tagging tons and tons of people in the comments of their latest posts.

This means the person tagged and some members of their network get exposed to the content.

Thing is. it doesn't work.

How I know: The post I was tagged in has got 21 views from what I can see, versus my post with has over 2k.

The reason the technique isn't effective is that the post itself has to be interesting and actually emotionally hook people who WANT to engage and respond.

Tagging people in a meaningless way alerts more people to the post, but how many of them stop engage?

Very few, because it's not relevant. 

That then tells the social platform that the content isn't relevant so they don't expose the post to as many people.

On the flip side, I posted things which people have engaged with and the platform wants to sharee that with more people. 

Look at the numbers:

Stop Spam Tagging: 2279 views
Inbox Batting: 1054 views
Corner Folding: 3140 views
What arc you reading: 1605 views

These are my last 4 posts on LinkedIn and I didn't try and trick the algorithm.

The lesson? Don't look for tricks or ways to play the system.

Instead, USE the system for what it is intended for.

In social media, that's engagement. Make stuff people choose to engage with because they care.

Have a smashing day, tomorrow I want to talk with you about your fees.

- Ken 'Engager' Dyne

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