How I Got 76 Comments, 2091 Views

Here's how I got 76 comments, 53 reactions and 2,091 views on my LinkedIn video this week - without paying a penny.

First off, this was a ghetto video I shot on my Galaxy S10 phone of myself standing in a Metro station.

It's not fancy.

I did some key things:

1. I gave it a good title.

2. I added subtitles/captions

But neither of those things are the reason I got such mega reach and engagement.

The reason was I was talking about something RELEVANT that people CARE about.

More than that, I am talking about something they get PASSIONATE about.

If you can stimulate passion in your marketing and make your messaging super-duper relevant then you're going to get more attention and get more gigs.

Have a smashing weekend -

On Monday I'll share with you what I said in that video that got so much attention ;)

- Ken 'Passion Person' Dyne

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