Getting people to say "yes"

It was an unusual meeting.

Yesterday I'm standing in an unopened restaurant in central Newcastle.

Talking to the proud owner, Toro, I am wondering how on earth a small restaurant that seats 90 could or would hire me.

It's not my market.

But the guy who introduced me to the place said it was worth me doing.

And I trust the guy, right?

Thing is, a few years ago I'd have walked out there having been shown around a fabulous new restaurant - but without a booking.


Because I'd talk myself in circles, not know what I'm supposed to say next and, well basically I'm no sales person.

Instead, I used a simple process that I've been refining to move the conversation along like the stages of a magic trick or the notes in a melody.

You see, everything needs a process.


Or else you don't know what's working, you don't know what comes next and you can't make progress.

I'm teaching my EPIC Sales System - which is the exact process I take people through when I speak with them about a gig (on the phone, in person etc).

For it to work for me it had to be 100% non salesy. No forced 'closing' in fact no 'closing' at all.

Because I'm no salesman.

If you think you'd find this useful, it's free to members of EPIC.


- Ken 'Process' Dyne

P.S. If you're not already a member of Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle (EPIC) here's where you join:

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