Getting Others To Talk About You

Working from home today so I can make some time to really plough through some stuff.

Yesterday was all about being interviewed.

I was interviewed on 5 different platforms.

Almost no one I know does this, and that's crazy.

When was the last time you got interviewed on an industry blog, podcast, YouTube channel or something like that?

The answer for most people is...they have never done it.

What better way is there of getting yourself in front of new people than this?

Cool, right?!

- Ken 'Talking Lots' Dyne

P.S. It's these things of underground, no-one is talking about strategies that I use to book gigs more consistently without having to be sales-y. In a couple of weeks we'll be in London for our annual get together. Would love you to join us where we'll build your business strategy to get you more of the exact gigs you want.

Check it out:

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