Getting back on your feet, faster

With huge chunks of folks self-isolating and more engaging social distancing we have some time right now to get really creative and use this time to put things together for when this is all over.

On the other side of this I can imagine businesses accelerating their remote working plans that have been on the table for so long, but kept getting pushed down the road.

That means there could be a nice surge of events for when teams who 'already see each other and celebrate wins as they come' rather than having events, actually start having events.

People will crave more social interaction.

And remember, what is what we do.

Now is the time to start creating content for your newsletters, social media etc that positions you just right to be the one to bring people back together.

Now please do not be insensitive. Don't push that stuff out yet.

Wait until it's the right time.

But now you can be doing the creating so when it's time, you're not wasting time, lagging behind.

Ready? Let's do this.

- Ken 'Preparing for the Positive' Dyne

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