Get Introduced To Your Market (1917 Style)

I was utterly stunned on Friday night as after dinner, Billy and I went to the Everyman Cinema to see that film, 1917.

Holy **** that is one helluva film.

My geek flag was certainly flying.

But I'm not into war films.

So why did I take the lovely Billy to a war film, when she might have preferred something more 'fun'?

I heard radio presenter Chris Evans talking about the film, and I happen to be a bit of a fan of Evans. So when he recommends something, I consider it.

The marketing folks at 1917 know how to tap into people who have an audience and influence over that audience to introduce their product to.

Who do people who potentially book you listen to and trust?

Answer that and then you'll start a stream of inbound enquiries from people gagging to book you.

- Ken 'Influence' Dyne

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