From Edinburgh with Creativity

Och aye the noo - as they say in bonnie Scotland.

We arrived in Edinburgh just yesterday morning ahead of my pal Colin Cloud's wedding which is later on today.

But last night Eric Dittelman, Billy, and a few others and I went to a local magic show here as part of the magic festival of Edinburgh.

It was so good to be immersed in creativity.

Seeing people working their material and doing things I'd never have thought of with classic tricks.

I think I saw THE best card in mouth I'll ever see.


Do you ever feel uninspired, not just with your performance but in life, with your business, your marketing etc?

When you're feeling uninspired that is when you need to go DEEP in immersion of others who are in their stride. 

Last night I came away with inspiration for a totally new angle on a piece I've had a mental block on. 

What's amazing is that the idea was totally unrelated to anything that was happening on stage, but being in that environment gets your creativity whirring.

Go get some!

- Ken 'Inspired' Dyne

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