Fee-less Gigs. Performing without payment.

One of the conversations that came up yesterday at the MarketEd.live conference I was speaking at here in Nottingham was of fee-less gigs

Some people get paid to speak. Some people speak for free.

Some people do both.

And it made me think about you.

When should you perform without getting paid? 

And when should you absolutely be getting some moolah?

Th simplest way to think about it is to ask, 'what is this gig?'

And there are 2 possible answers:

1. Marketing.

2. My product.

If the performance is a purely marketing activity where you will book gigs off the back of it (and you have methods of doing that such as collecting data and contacts details) then it's marketing and you don't need to be paid.

If, however when you're performing is your actual show at an event that needs entertainment, then it's your product and that's what you should be paid for.

I know this is a sticking point for a number of us, so hopefully that helps?

- Ken 'Every show is marketing' Dyne

P.S. To get your marketing together and have people coming to you, the strongest form of marketing is Content Marketing. That's putting out good stuff, and people coming to you. These people pay higher, resist less and you don't have to 'sell' to them. 

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