Dwindling Bank Balance

Staring at your bank balance when it's hanging on by a thread is a sinking feeling no one enjoys.

But in business, some months are healthy and wealthy, and others are tight and shite.

That's the same for all businesses, yours, mine, shops, restaurants. 

The key is to know and to maximise at all times.

You should be having a pretty good December and you might be expecting a crappy January.

With these 2 pieces of knowledge you should be:

1. Pushing December HARD to make the most out of it.
(If I don't have at least 2 days where I have to run between 2 parties in a day I don't feel I've pushed December hard enough)

2. Creating an offer in a matching market for January.
If you don't create something for January you're going to struggle.

Some food for thought there man,

Have a good one!

- Ken

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