Dogging for business

Yesterday I had breakfast... 

(that's what we used to have before all those snowflakes re-named it brunch because they can't be arsed tot get out of bed in the morning)

...with my pal Dan, who is a top photographer. 

We walked his dog, Joey and the conversation got to 2020 and our 'big plans'.

There is something quite amazing about talking through your plans out loud with others, isn't there?

It lets you know:

- You're not alone on this journey of life.

- What others are doing, and inspires you.

- You are doing some things right when they tell you they're inspired by you.

- It's okay to feel uncertain, and that we all are.

Talk to people, that's today's huge lesson. 

Sounds simple, but its so important. 

Get involved, make some effort - especially when you can't be bothered to.


Ken 'Talkin to you' Dyne

P.S. In a few days I'll share with you how to join our 'EPIC 2020' project which is all about creating a plan to get the gigs you want in 2020 in an incredibly practical way. (No charge)

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