Do you ever get this feeling of dread?

Morning, ~Contact.FirstName~,

I have this dreaded feeling...

I'm just throwing the last few bits and pieces into my case to head to Vegas to celebrate with Colin Cloud for his Stag/Batchelor party...

But even though I love Vegas, I love the friends I have there and I love Colin...

Travelling without Billy sucks.

Travelling alone is just not something I enjoy.

There's no one to share the experiences with, no one to replay the day with...

It sucks.

That's why 5 years ago I stopped pushing my international gigs.

Yeah it sounds great that you're off to Dubai, Mumbai, Las Vegas and other fantastic places.

But really. I got lonely. 

I remember bursting into tears to moment I checked into my room in Madeira and knew this had to stop.

I take far fewer international trips now, and even fewer alone.


Because you have the choice.

You can choose how you live your life.

And if right now it's not what you're enjoying then man, you have got to change it.

And you can.

And you can change things until they feel right.

Stop looking at other people's perception of success, stop thinking that those objects they have are what you should have.

And create success for YOU.

Whatever that means.

For me, it'll be a detached house with a garden that we can grow our own veg in, and space for some outdoor pets in the forms of goats, lamas, 3 rabbits and a horse or 2 where I'm not having to proactively 'work' to cover the bills. 

Giving me the freedom to 'work' on stuff I enjoy and build value for other people.

What's yours?

Worth thinking, right?

- Ken 'Your Success' Dyne

P.S. Figuring out how to do this can be frustrating and hard. I want to give you the steps, the methods and ways to get the gigs YOU want. As often as you'd like them.

That's why I set up EPIC:


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