Damn I hate to do this.

The clocks went back in the UK over the weekend and it's sent me completely crazy.

I don't like change very much.

I'm a person of habits.

And it's building new habits that the most successful people in the world say they credit with their success.

We have habits right now.

Some good ones, some bad ones.

(Hey you reading this on your phone on the toilet - that's a bad habit, m'kay?)

The aim of the 'game' is to reduce bad habits and increase good ones.

Which new positive habit are you going to work in in November?

It takes 28 days to develop a new habit, so what will it be for November?

Mine? Home workouts 3x per week.

Get my energy up to make myself more productive.

I'm gonna spend 120mins per week doing something i absolutely despise, in order to feel better all the time I'm awake doing the stuff I love - and doing it better.

What's yours?

- Ken 'Habitual' Dyne

P.S. Writing this email to you every day is one of my habits I've kept up for over a year. Why? Because I am dedicated to my marketing. I do something every day that will bring me in a gig.

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