Crying and Laughing. Then Crying...then laughing AGAIN

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I thought Bella was going to pass around hankies to 150m people yesterday as I watched her emotional presentation that took us from the brink of tears to hysterical laughter.

Bella was one of the speakers at a marketing event I'm the closing speaker for today and WOW.

For a lot of people she will be the stand-out speaker of the whole event because she appealed to all kinds of people in the room.

From the maternal and paternal instincts of some where she talked about the severely premature birth of her daughter, to making us laugh out loud with her vibrant personality.

Thing is, it made wonder if my marketing his hitting all the notes.

I mean, in Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle we talk about getting gigs, marketing and salesmanship...

One of the big things is that we have to do is talk to people differently and hit on their emotional connections.

Some people need the facts straight up, some people need emotional excitement, others need scarcity, others still need urgency, some need security and so on.

(In December's members' newsletter we are unpacking the emotional triggers and exactly how and where to implement them into your marketing and selling).

Are you hitting multiple angles and emotions? Or all the same ones time and time again (it's easy for magicians to only talk about amazement).


Ken 'So Emotional' Dyne

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