Booking gigs by trimming your own bush

Yesterday I was interviewed on a business podcast.

What ey? Why?

Do you think you'll book gigs by going out into your garden and trimming your hedges?

No, course you won't.

Unless...unless someone happens to walk by and you somehow get talking to them.

That's just hoping.

That would just be luck.

And shockingly, most performers rely on that.

To book gigs you have got to be on other people's land.

You have to get out of your house, off your website and you have to go be on other people's properties.

Dude, instead of spending all that time writing a new blog post or web page on your website, use that time to write a guest blog on someone else's website, or get yourself on to a podcast they listen to...

Get out of your garden.

- Ken

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