Blew it with Chris Ducker

Yesterday I was a delegate at an event about marketing.

(Constant investment and learning is critical for all of us, right?)

One of the people who was speaking was a chap called Chris Ducker.

Ducker mentioned something in his presentation that I knew I could help him with.

For free. 

Super easy.

Afterwards he was in the bar so I wandered over, congratulated him on a nice presentation and then totally screwed up my pitch.

I said I'd love to steal 20mins of his time to show him something.

What I assume he must have heard was I wanted some advice from him.

So he batted me away by telling me how to get on the waiting list for his event.

I'm toast. Done. Rejected.

I feel shitty now cos I can't help him. 

Of course I want to help him so I will think of a creative way of getting in front of the guy but  totally blew my first change right there, by having the wrong pitch.

Lesson today: you can't have a standard pitch. You need to see who's in front of you and adjust based on their world and how they usually deal with people.

- Ken

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