Bad hair day?

She was absolutely mortified and held her head in her hands.

But we were laughing that Janet was having a bad hair day.

As friends do.

Yesterday I was recording a podcast episode and the guest, my friend Janet, hadn't realised it was a video podcast and she happened to be struggling to tame her hair. 

I was talking to Janet about how to write better words that connect with people and make them sit up and pay attention.

Janet is a recovering journalist, so she knows her shit, right?

She mentioned three HUGE things, and I'm practicing them all in today's email (talk about taking action, right?)

One of the things was about removing adjectives and adverbs.

They usually bulk out your text, when what you need to be doing is making it leaner and more compelling.

Writing words that sell is something we talk about every month in my column on 'Copy' (technical terms for words) in the Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle newsletter.

Yeah, I dedicate space every month to giving you a trick or tip to make your text flow better and make it easier and more enjoyable to write. 

Writing strong copy is the single most important skill I've ever gained.

It's responsible for sending better email, writing web pages, social media posts and profiles.

It's key to everything.

If there's one skill you should master, it's copy writing. 

- Ken 'Love The Words' Dyne

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