An Honest Conversation In Nottingham

Hello from Nottingham!

Today I'm speaking at an event here so cam down last night and was invited to the Speaker's Dinner.

Ohh. Fancy!

What struck me was how valuable spending time with other people in this way really can be.

Talk about deepening relationships and making new ones.

8 of us sat and literally broke bread, drank wine and had a jolly good laugh.

What was particularly nice is the honesty.

When some people would have used the opportunities to fatten their egos, the main topic of conversation was struggles, the hard stuff.

And we all chipped in.

Finding a place to do that regularly is SO important.

I can't recommend it enough!

- Ken 'community' Dyne

P.S. I couldn't find an ego-less truthful group of entertainers who I could have these honest conversations with, so I created one. We call it Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle:

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