A Trombone Gave Me An Extra Terrestrial Experience

I don't know if you've ever been to see one of those things where they show a film and a live orchestra plays all the music?

Pretty amazing. 

We went to se ET last night wow.

When the credits roll at the end, you see how many people are involved in making a film.

It takes a LOT of elements to make a piece of work, doesn't it?

Take you for example, you need to have the actual material itself, then the words the say, where to stand, any props or other things, you also need to know how to market yourself and sell yourself, to be professional, to dress yourself...and on and on...

Thing is, if you can't 'sell' yourself, then none of the rest of it really matters. Either this stuff you enjoy will remain as a hobby, or you'll quickly run out of money.

But...I hate selling.

And I've always been crap at it.

Don't worry, I've figured out a process that lets you be a better sales person, without being pushy and without feeling icky.

It's the latest training inside EPIC membership.

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- Ken 'Extra Terrestrial' Dyne

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