A Stevie Wonder Marketing Lesson For Entertaiiners

Stevie Wonder has to one of the greatest singer/song writers ever, right?

Last night we went to see the BBC Radio 2 Friday Night Is Music Night live event where Beverley Knight sang Stevie's biggest and best tunes.

She had everyone on their feet from the first song!


The audience were loving it. All of us!

"Isn't she lovely" we all sang along, watching Knight perform with perfection.

But then the interval came...

And some people started whining...

They started chatting among themselves.

Turns out that some people got their seats on one of those super cheap Groupon deals...while others paid £60 per ticket.

Oh dear.

Lots of bad feelings were building up in the audience and there was talk of refunds and all kinds.

Pricing is hard. Anyone who says it isn't is lying (to you or themselves)...

But to protect yourself from bad feelings like this in your market, stick by your prices.

- Ken 'No discounts' Dyne

P.S. I've used a pricing strategy for more than 10 years now that is specifically designed to psychologically get people to choose your most expensive package/price. I map the whole thing out in the Welcome edition of the EPIC Members' newsletter.

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