4 Funky Ways Social Proof Helps You To Book Gigs

We live in a world that is more skeptical than ever.

Today people are also more lost in their identity and where they belong.

It's all down to social media.

Fake news, reality TV making everyday folk into overnight celebs without them needing any talent at all - it's all bombarding us all, all the time.

(Instagram are actually making a big change quite soon to reduce the psychological impact of social proof on their platform as a step towards acknowledging it's impact on our mental health)

Since we don't believe things on face value any more, that's why you see such big social proof, look at what you see all the time:

- West end shows with quotes from newspapers as their main headline for bus sidings.

- Photos of people performing in prestigious and far-flung lands.

- Photos with celebs.

- Lists of past clients, companies and known people.

All of these are small signals of your status as a performer.

Not only that, but they are a way of tapping into the audiences of these people.

For example, if I do a show for Nasa, I'd be tagging it with #nasa and suddenly that opens me up to all of the people who follow #nasa for future gigs. When that's coupled with a photo of me performing for Nasa that tells the Nasa fans that I'm good enough for Nasa, so I much be trustworthy for their events too.

Not only that, but like friends, you now have something in common, so you're even more likable and relatable.

Social proof in all forms is about being:

- Trustworthy

- Likeable

- Relatable

- Found by new people

Start gathering proof and spreading it about and you'll attract more of the gigs you want.

- Ken

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