3 Things To Make You A Better Performer

Goood morning from Dublin,

I'm here writing for Keith Barry. One of the things we have to do is be super creative and create a really high quality performance in a very short space of time.

So here's 3 ways to be a better performer, cos I mean, who doesn't want that ey?

1. Watch performers at the top of their game.

(You are the average of the people you spend time with, look around you - how does that make you feel if you're the average of them? It made me change who I spend time with. Not just in terms of magic but my personal life)

2. Get stimulation outside of magic.
Go see theatre, art, watch plays, musicals, stand up comedy, improv. Read fiction, read books about art, about performance. Watch documentaries and live talks about things outside of your art form. From this you'll get a lot more true perspective, higher standards and a unique point of view instead of the same small stimulus that most performers have (other performers and latest Penguin release)

3. 'Stage' time.
Why are any of the true greats, truly great? The best comedians, actors, magicians, illusionists and magicians? It's because they've performed a LOT. 
You can't be a better performer of anything by reading, thinking and writing about it on Flakebook. The only way to get good and find yourself is by performing more often.

Do yourself a sold and write down what you'll do to do all three of these asap.


- Ken 'Outside Of Magic' Dyne

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