2020 'Bill Gates' Style

Have you seen that amazing Netflix 3-parter about Bill Gates?

Bill's Brain

Not only is Gates an amazing mind, but the way he applies that mind is extraordinary.

Before he goes into anything, he gets a real vision of the whole thing by studying and planning.

One of the most successful people of our time is probably someone worth modelling, right?

I want to help you plan 2020.

Not just by writing some numbers in boxes and saying 'do that'.

But REALLY plan what kind of income you're going to make from performing, and how you're going to make that happen.

Literally plan your year.

So every day when you get up, you know the few things you have to do, the stuff you've got to check - to make those things happen.

Join me on the Mission: 2020 challenge, it's free for you here:



Ken 'Planning Like A Genius' Dyne

P.S. The video on this page explains a little more about it.

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