2 Days At An Event - And I'm PAYING TO Be There

Today and tomorrow I'll be spending every minute of every day locked in a room of a conference.

The conference is not really for me - although I'm sure I will pick up a ton of ideas.

But it IS for the kind of people who might hire me.

Yeah, the BIG marketing secret is to be where your market is.

It started last night with a social and then for the next 2 days (and tonight) I'll be surrounded with the perfect people who could do business with me.

I've already started making relationships, building trust and being someone who's not just a faceless 'thing' on the internets.

Go out and meet people, have conversations, share frustrations, drink wine, eat pizza.

- Ken 'Out There' Dyne

P.S. The key to this is how you follow up with these people you meet. You need a good Customer Relationship Management system to mate it water-tight. Luckily, when you join EPIC right now you get instant access to my full training on how to set yours up!

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